Our community website was developed to serve as an informative resource for both our neighborhood and our local community. Please feel free to contact us with your comments and suggestions.
Upcoming Events
Bulk Trash Pickup is the week of December 21st
Bulk trash may only be placed street side beginning Friday, December 18th after 5pm and before 7am Monday, December 21st. In consideration of your neighbors and to avoid a fine from the town, please keep your brush and bulk trash out of sight until then. For Bulk Waste code violations, contact Code Enforcement Officer Robert White at rwhite@fairviewtexas.org or call 972-886-4223.  
Book Club - Zoom
The next Oakwood Book Club will meet at 7:00 pm, January 6, 2021 via ZOOM. More details regarding Zoom link to follow. Lynda will lead the discussion of "American Dirt" by Jeanine Cummins. Contact Jerrice Pratt, 432-559-9720, jerrice.pratt@gmail.com with questions.
Coffee and Lunch Bunch
The monthly Oakwood lunch and coffee are canceled due to COVID until further notice.
Book Club Documents

The next Oakwood Book Club will meet at 7:00 pm, November 11, 2020 at the home of Lynda Moneta. Amy will lead the discussion of The Great Alone by Kristin Hannah. Contact Jerrice Pratt, 432-559-9720, jerrice.pratt@gmail.com with questions.


2020 Book Club Selections

Past Selections and Books Not Chosen YTD


Please contact Jerrice Pratt - jerrice.pratt@gmail.com for more information.

Town of Fairview News
Town Council Meeting
At the October 6th  meeting the Town Council approved routine items including the updates to the building codes and held a public hearing and approved an accessory building (barn) for construction on a large acreage lot in the commercial district just north of Sloan Creek Estates on Hwy 5.  Fire Chief Bell reported that the ambulance funded by the CARES Act monies would be delivered in late October and placed in service in November.  It is expected that when Fire Station #1 is opened next year that an in service ambulance will be stationed there to service the west side of Fairview.
The next monthly Town Council meeting is on Wednesday, November 4th.  Register online on the Town’s website to view these meetings remotely.
Fairview Drainage Meetings
The HOA is monitoring the Town Council discussions on significant drainage and flooding issues throughout Fairview including Oakwood.  At the October 13th Special Meeting of Town Council, a consultant gave his report on Sloan Creek erosion and flooding control.  Sloan Creek winds through Oakwood along Foxdale, Sloan Crossing and Country Trail.  Drainage bar ditches and small creek beds along Oakwood Trail, Parkdale, and St James Drive flow toward Sloan Creek. 
There is significant property loss occurring along the banks of Sloan Creek just east of Oakwood and south of Kingdom Estates and Stone Creek Estates. Earth is washing away with every storm threatening a loss of trees and accessory structures, but no homes, at least not yet.  There is no simple cost effective solution.  Proposed solutions include building expensive retaining walls to stop erosion or installing native vegetation to temporarily slow down erosion.
Internet Updates
Published news reports state that ATT will discontinue offering its DSL service to new customers.  Existing ATT DSL customers will continue to have DSL service, but users should contact ATT for any future changes to existing DSL service.  This leaves only one wired Internet service in Oakwood for new residents, Suddenlink. 
Suddenlink outages have been minimal the last 30 or so days, perhaps due to the large number of complaints filed by Fairview residents.  If you experience an outage report it to the Town as Mayor Lessner recently requested:
“We are going to start tracking internet outages....building documentation for some sort of future action with the state and FCC.  After you contact the provider about the outage, please drop an email to awilbourn@fairviewtexas.org  Adam isn't going to fix or track your problem, he just needs documentation that there was an outage. Please include your address in the email.”
You should also contact state representative Candy Noble and State Senator Angela Paxton, through their websites.  It has also been recommended that residents send letters to Altice, the parent company of Suddenlink.  Report your grievances to:
Dexter Goei, CEO
Altice USA,
1 Court Square,
West Long Island City Ny 11101
Watch the Town’s website for meeting schedules about the Internet service issues.
Profound Foods Replaces Paula Dean’s
Profound Foods is a new concept for home cooks providing locally grown farm fresh food delivery to specific ZIP codes including Fairview.  
From Dallas Observer Sept 9, 2020:
“Profound Foods has announced a major expansion that will significantly increase its capacity to serve as a food hub and farm-based kitchen for North Texas.  Profound Foods was founded by husband and wife Jeff and Lee Bednar, farmers themselves, in 2018. Late last week, they announced they've acquired a 13,000-square-foot space that was previously a restaurant in Fairview”.
Golf Cart Ordinance:
The golf cart ordinance that was scheduled for discussion at the August Town Council meeting was tabled to a later date.  Please direct any comments about the ordinance to  Town Council members.  Emails can be found at the end of this newsletter.  The current ordinance follows.  The current ordinance follows:
Division 4. Golf Carts and Undersized Motor Vehicles in Public Areas   and
Sec. 12.02.095     Prohibition against operating golf carts and undersized motor vehicles in public parks and on public trails and sidewalks
Some of the current golf cart ordinance requirements include:
•       Requires a Town permit.
•       Drivers carry a license and proof of insurance. 
•       Golf carts must have lights front and back to be driven at night. 
•       Golf carts may not be driven in parks or on the Town’s trail system.
Please note that Fairview Police, not the HOA, enforce the golf cart and leash ordinances.
Fairview Leash Law:
Pets must be leashed when off your property. Animal control services in Fairview are provided by Collin County.  Call 972-547-7292 or visit Collin County Animal Shelter for more information. Report animal abuse emergencies by calling 972-547-5700 or 911.
Town Permits:
Just about every home remodeling/repair project requires approval from the Town including Swimming Pools, Spas, Hot Tubs, Water Heaters, HVAC Equipment, Accessory Buildings, Lawn Irrigation Systems, Decks, and Patio Covers, etc.  For more information please contact Blake Scott at BScott@fairviewtexas.org.