HOA News
The virus continues to be extremely contagious in North Texas.  At the August Town Council Meeting Mayor Lessner reported 50 COVID-19 cases and 3 deaths in Fairview.  WFAA recently ran a story that a McKinney family loses 5 members to COVID-19 in one month.  Please exercise caution and follow the CDC guidance for social distancing, washing your hands and wearing masks.  Stay safe during this continuing health emergency. 
Note: The Town will provide an update on COVID-19 at the September 1st Town Council meeting.  Online viewing is available.  Register on the Town’s website.
COVID-19 Delays HOA Annual Meeting:
The Annual Meeting of Oakwood Homeowners normally held each year in September/October will be delayed until it is safe to meet in person.
Newsletter Editor Volunteer
The HOA is seeking a volunteer to be the editor of the monthly newsletter. If interested, please send an email to HOA@myoakwoodhoa.com.
Official Notice for Director Nominations: 
An email was sent out on August 1st requesting nominations for the one seat on the HOA’s Board of Directors is up for election this fall. If you wish to run for this seat please submit your name to HOA@myoakwoodhoa.com. Ballots will be mailed to Homeowners in early September.
Please Keep Oakwood Beautiful:
The natural beauty of our neighborhood is blemished when bulk items are placed street side long before the pickup week. There are more than a few Oakwood examples where bulk trash items, wood pallets, cardboard boxes, tree limbs and construction debris are to be placed street side for trash pickup days or even weeks before the pickup week.  A messy neighborhood leaves a bad impression to potential home buyers. The Town Ordinances require that bulk waste cannot be placed street side in Oakwood until the weekend before the 3rd full week of the month. The Town may assess a fine a resident if a complaint is filed.  Please do your part to keep Oakwood looking attractive. Also, the Oakwood covenants require that you move your trailers, campers, and RV’s into your garage or off-site.  By Town ordinance, trailers cannot be parked overnight on public streets. 
Dial 811:
Be aware that Oakwood has many utility easements cutting through and around yards. If your landscaper is using digging equipment to plant trees, bushes or other plantings please call 811 to have your utilities marked. This service is free.
See Something, Say Something:
Suspicious vehicles have been sighted in the neighborhood recently.  Some are connected with door-to-door sales which requires a Town permit.  If you see anything suspicious call the Non-Emergency Police number 972-547-5350. 
Online Resident Directory:
The HOA no longer prints the Resident Directory. Visit the HOA website at www.myoakwoodhoa.com to login to the Resident Directory to verify or update your contact information. If you need login credentials, please contact Pat Rutherford at pat.rutherford@gmail.com.
Trailers, Campers, Boats and RV’s:
After 3 days all trailers, boats, campers, and RVs must be relocated out of eyesight of the street and all adjacent properties by moving them into your garage, off-site or screening with shrubbery. Complaints may be sent to HOA@myoakwoodhoa.com
Construction Reminder:
If you are planning to construct an outdoor kitchen, patio, living area, shed, sport court, or make any modification to your home exterior you must have HOA prior approval.  All construction must maintain the custom nature of your home and of Oakwood in general.  Prefabricated structures are not allowed. Send the information listed below to hoa@myoakoodhoa.com 
  • your contractor’s name, address, and phone number,
  • the construction drawings and
  • the site survey showing the exact placement of the structure on your lot, including the easements, property line setbacks and any new improvements.
Although not required by the Oakwood Covenants it would be helpful to know that your adjacent neighbors are aware of your project before starting construction. The HOA review process can take up to 10 business days.
Contact the Town of Fairview for permitting and fire code requirements. Sport courts and structures over 900sf require a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) from the Town. The process for a CUP can take 2-3 months or longer so please plan accordingly.