HOA Info
General Information
Oakwood Common Courtesy
Please use common courtesy when it comes to disposing of litter and remind your children to do the same. Pick up after your dogs and use designated trash bins. Be kind to Mother Earth! Tuff Sheds The HOA has received numerous requests to approve Tuff sheds. Unfortunately, the Covenants require that all accessory structures be custom built, therefore, prefabricated and kit assembled structures are not allowed.
Dusk to Dawn Safety
Please make sure your post lights are illuminated from dusk to dawn every night to increase visibility for walkers and drivers. Be cautious of pedestrians who may be difficult to see due to the low lighting on Oakwood streets. Pedestrians should walk on the left side of our streets toward oncoming traffic, wear light colored reflective clothing and carry a bright light.
Selling Your Home? …or Refinancing?
A Resale Certificate issued by the HOA is required by the title company when selling your home. Likewise, a status of your HOA account is required when refinancing your mortgage. Send an email to HOA@myoakwoodhoa.com to request these documents. Please allow up 7 to 10 business days from the date of your email for processing.
Permit Requirements and Construction Checklist
Please be aware that if you are planning on replacing your HVAC unit or water heater or are planning on remodeling/repairing just about anything, you are required to get a permit and have the work inspected. For more information please contact Blake Scott at BScott@fairviewtexas.org. If you are planning on painting the exterior of your home, adding a shed or other accessory structure, outdoor kitchen or living area, or making a structural change to your home, the plans must be approved by the ACC. The ACC, along with the HOA board, have the responsibility to maintain the custom nature of the structures in the neighborhood. Please note that you may not proceed with your project until you receive ACC Page 3 approval. Send your plans to HOA@myoakwoodhoa.com. Click here for a checklist of items to send to your Oakwood HOA and please send any home construction questions to HOA@myoakwoodhoa.com.
Annual Dues Payments
Annual dues assessment statements were recently mailed to all Oakwood homeowners. The dues amount of $275 per lot remains the same as last year. Please send your payment by mail at your earliest convenience to: Oakwood Homeowners Association PO Box 1643 Allen Tx 75013.
Thank You for Updating the Resident Directory
Thank you to those residents that recently updated their contact information. There are still a few Oakwood residents not yet listed in the directory.  Visit www.myoakwoodhoa.com to update your contact information, especially your email address in the Resident Directory.  If you need login credentials, please contact the HOA at HOA@myoakwoodhoa.com
Why We Need Your Email and What We Will Send You:
It is important for the HOA and Homeowners comply with the Texas Property Code which requires the HOA to maintain an accurate Homeowner registry. The Texas law also places a duty on Oakwood Homeowners to keep a working e-mail address registered with the HOA. 
The Resident Directory is secured and is not visible to anyone that does not have proper login credentials.  It is only used for HOA required notifications, newsletters, and sometimes information from the Town of Fairview.  You will not receive third party advertisements or charitable solicitations through the HOA’s website.  All HOA emails will come from an address that contains “@myoakwoodhoa.com.” If you need login credentials, please contact the HOA at HOA@myoakwoodhoa.com.
Construction Reminder:
If you are planning to construct an outdoor kitchen, patio, living area, shed, sport court, pool, or make any modification to your home exterior you must have HOA prior approval. All construction must maintain the custom nature of your home and of Oakwood in general. Prefabricated structures are not allowed. Complete the ACC Application  and send it to hoa@myoakwoodhoa.com Be sure to include the following minimum information:
  • your contractor’s name, address, and phone number,
  • the construction drawings and
  • the site survey showing the exact placement of the structure on your lot, including the easements, property line setbacks and any new improvements.
Although not required by the Oakwood Covenants it would be helpful to know that your adjacent neighbors are aware of your project before starting construction. The HOA review process can take up to 10 business days.
Contact the Town of Fairview for permitting and fire code requirements. Sport courts are regulated by the Town of Fairview, See Ordinance 2022-18 adopted 9/6/22  Hard surface sport courts require a a Conditional Use Permit (CUP). In addition, outbuildings and standalone accessory structures over 900sf require a CUP. The process for a CUP can take 2-3 months or longer so please plan accordingly.